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John Legend Feat Ludacris Tonight


John Legend feat Ludacris 313.41 Kb | 20s

Far East Movement feat. Justin – Live My Life

Far East Movement feat. Justin - Live My Life

Barbora_tgl 774.14 Kb | 33s

Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber – Live My Life

Far East Movement ft Justin Bieber - Live My Life

jalevunisa 750.96 Kb | 32s

Shakira Give It Up To Me (feat. Lil Wayne)

Give It Up To Me (feat. Lil Wayne)

Shakira 403.59 Kb |

World Of Warcraft Leroy Jenkins Scream

Leroy Jenkins Scream

World of Warcraft 38.49 Kb | 4s

Manual: How to make a ringtone on

There is a detailed description below on how to use it:

There are two ways to get started with Ringtone Maker:

  • 1. On the main page of the site click "Make Ringtone". Window opens on top of your browser.
  • 2. On the main page you can immediately download the file and start working with Ringtone Maker.
  • 3. Click "Browse" and select your mp3 file. Note: Weight file shouldn't be more than 9 mb!
  • 4. File upload speed depends on your internet.
  • 5. After downloading music, you will see a field that will help you make your ringtone.
    • a) Field highlighted in blue is your future ringtone.
    • b) Time which is emphasized by a yellow color characterizes the playing time of your ringtone (this is configurable by shifting the blue box as you wish).
    • c) Function Fade in and Fade Out characterize a gradual increase and decrease the sound accordingly.
    • d) After all the settings you need to click "Preview".

  • 6. And so, you press the "Preview". You will see your ringtone made. You can change it if you have forgotten something. If you are satisfied, click "Save" and enter your name and e-mail, click OK.
  • 7. Congratulations! You have made your own ringtone. Everything is easy and simple. You can download it immediately. Click "click here" or you can check your mail, the ringtone is already there.