Mp3 to Ringtones Tutorial: How to make ringtones from Mp3 Files

Mp3 file to ringtone

In the current time almost all people have mobile phones. And it is difficult to imagine our life without them. Moreover, our desire is growing more and more with every day. And now aspiration to recognize a person, who is calling, only by a ringtone is becoming extremely popular. But unfortunately not every song starts exactly from the moment that you want. You may enjoy, for example, the second part of the song and than you are faced with the problem of song’s processing. Sometimes you need to create ringtone from your favorite music track and its not good idea to set up full sound file for this needs. In this case you will be looking for something, that could help you to take the most awesome part of your song.

    Now you need:

  • 1) Phone with mp3 support (mostly phones already support this future)
  • 2) Any sound editor (The most popular are audacity and lame)
  • 3) Your favorite music track in mp3 (for example Right Round by Florida)

Someone will use music software, in our days there are hundreds of music tools for your computer, which could help you to do anything with your sounds. In this tutorial we would not explain you how to use music software for your computer, because there are a lot of already made how to stories about this.

Mp3 to Ringtone Online Tool will help you to cope with this, at first sight, difficult problem.

    What to do

  • 1) Upload your mp3 file
  • 2) Select part of the song for ringtone
  • 3) Listen and add effects
  • 4) Save it!

In the middle of the screen, where you have to select one of your favourite song, previously downloaded to your computer. When you select and finally uploaded a song, you can start its processing. One restriction of this site is that you may work here only with mp3 files, which size is less or equal to 6 Mb.

Select file for upload

It’s very convenient in use, so even if you are not an experienced user, you may use this online tool without any doubts and be sure that you will make head or tail of it in several minutes. Its main advantage is that all you will do is absolutely for free.

Upload your file

After uploading a file there will appear two boxes. One with original song, which you can listen and select enjoyable fragments and second for preparing your song and cutting already selected fragments. The timer under every gap will make your work even easier, because with its help you will know which second you are listening to and which one you need to mark in the second gap.

Make selection

Once you finally make a selection you have a chance to hear the result of your efforts or to preview your just created ringtone. Before downloading and installation it to your phone you may add some special effects to the ringtone, for example increase volume at the beginning or at the end of the call with “fade in” and “fade out” buttons respectively. When you finally determined all details of your future ringtone, you may download it just pressing on the button “save”.
Previewing and listening

All this process starting from uploading the mp3 file to the website and saving the ringtone back to your personal computer will take not much time, but this time will depend on your internet connection and speed.
Now you are familiar with site’s opportunities and are able to make desirable ringtones on your own, without working with difficult and extensive programs, without even installing anything to your computer. You can do everything online and only one thing that you need – is internet. It remains to wish сhoose your favourite music, create ringtones and enjoy your phone calls!

  • reginap.martin
    December 17, 2013 at 5:16 am

    great mucic if i knew how 2 down load it?

  • pratap chowdhury
    April 18, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    mr pratap places pick up the phone aapka priyanka

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